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Attention to all Financial Consultants, Property agents and advisors

Would you like to help your clients generate more wealth, plan finances better and be seen as the only trusted advisor to them?

“Sell me this pen.”  You are probably familiar with this question - made famous by the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Chances are, people who know and apply the correct response to this question are expert salesmen.

They are the ones regarded as experts in their field, trusted by their customers and able to close deals effortlessly. Why? Because the technique to sell is to know the person first. What their needs are, what kind of pens do they use, do they use a pen, what's important to them – etc. Once you find out what exactly they need, then you can tell them about what you have, and they will be willing to listen.

However, in real life, it is easier said than done. Unless the person already knows you, chances are, they have their guards up- tight-lipped about their situation, especially the numbers. Without knowing the customer, it is almost impossible to provide a financial recommendation that can help them.

What if there's a way to get your client or prospect to open up to you automatically and let you know their full financial status, without giving them a nudge?

What if you can be THE indispensible financial advisor they need in their lives, who they rely on to manage ALL their assets?
And….stop losing them to other financial providers like the bankers, once you become the one-stop trusted advisor to help them achieve their financial dreams and aspirations?

This is the whole purpose of our Mortgage Accreditation Program (MAP): to give you knowledge and technology that can be used to unlock the doors of many opportunities. 

Be the all-round expert in finance

Finances go beyond income & expenses. Asset(Property) is the piece of the pie you have yet to tap on. Discover creative ways to help your clients unlock cash from properties. Open their eyes to the full potential of their wealth.

Add value to client easily

Interest rates change everyday. Most Singaporeans are overpaying for their mortgage, yet they are not aware. Imagine how amazed they will be if you help them save a few thousand dollars every year, easily through refinancing.

Uncover your clients' borrowing eligibility and full financial status

Once you helped them, it is a different story now. With this info & momentum, you will be able to create opportunities and recommend the right strategy to generate more even wealth for your clients - making yourself indispensible to clients. 

Enhance earning potential

Mortgage is usually a person’s biggest financial commitment, and everyone needs it at some point-whether during financial crisis or good times. With another offering under your belt, you increase lifetime value of your clients. 

It’s obvious that you’re realizing that you need to have a differentiation in the market to make yourself the clear choice to clients

A Course Unlike Any Other

You see, Colab's MAP course has been put together by some of the finest mortgage experts in Singapore. Our trainers include ex-bankers and insurance agents who walk the talk every single day - leveraging their knowledge on real estate to generate more wealth for their clients.
This course gives you all the real estate knowledge you need - knowledge that is applicable and useful to you. Not just the technical knowledge a.k.a rules and policies, but also topics like the myths of property purchase, and creative ways to leverage on mortgages that most people in the financial industry don't know about. 

On top of that....

Who says you need to memorize anything ? You will have access to our proprietary 6-figures online Platform. This plug-and-play platform is your single best resource for everything about mortgages. It gives you 

  • Access to real-time mortgage packages guide - allowing you to provide instant recommendations to client
  • ALL the tools, resources such as TDSR, ABSD calculators to generate functional reports with literally a few clicks
  • Access to bankers' contacts from every bank in Singapore

Bank Partners

You might not have noticed how powerful mortgage advisory is, yet.

Hear from members we've helped:

"Colab’s training has provided me with an in-depth knowledge of the Singapore property market which is essential when managing my client’s financial portfolio. Their training is well structured and very informative. The support from Colab’s directors are excellent, special thanks to Colin who is ever-ready to advise and give his support for any cases I was dealing with. I would highly recommend them to all the financial planners who want to add another dimension to their financial advisory business." 

ABRIAL LIM  //  Director - Manulife Financial Advisers

"It has been an eye opener for me throughout the entire course. I am more confident when engaging clients as I am now able to provide solutions not only to their mortgage, but to the retirement/investment portfolio with the help of their property."

STANLEY ONG  //  Assistant Director, Investment Advisory - iFast Financial Pte Ltd

Who are we?

Our team at Colab has more than 60 years of banking experience collectively and is part of the largest mortgage advisory firm in Singapore- Redbrick Mortgage Advisory.  We believe in achieving success with our clients by creating synergy through the pooling of resources and expertise. 


In home loans every year


Properties Financed

$80,000 -

Average Mortgage Size

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit? I'd rather stick to ​the status quo

Why let bankers profit from your clients, when you can be the one doing that for ALL of them? Besides, you don't have to memorise anything after the course: everything will be available in our CRM platform. It is the effortless way to take your career to the next level.

I’m an absolute beginner with zero experience or knowledge in real estate. Is this course still for me?

Yes. Our course is geared towards beginners and no prior knowledge of real estate is required. Inevitably, our course attracts professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, so we make sure to have additional help available as needed to provide personalized feedback and support.

After taking the program, if I have further questions, will you be open to helping me?

Definitely. Your trainers continue to offer you live support and advice in case you stumble upon any complicated cases after the course. What’s more, you attend the course with other go-getting financial consultants. Along with past graduates, we now have a thriving community of top financial practioners in Singapore, that support and inspire one another to new heights.

How is program completion measured?

Participants will receive a Certificate in Mortgage Advisory after passing an assessment at the end of the program. 

Can we just purchase the CRM platform?

Our course and CRM platform come together. Going through the course can help you tremendously, as you will learn how to make full use of the CRM platform and tactics proven to upsell mortgages. 

More client testimonials...

"Colab prepared me to make the switch from banking to independent mortgage advisory. The syllabus covers much more than what I have learnt during my 5-years stint as a mortgage specialist in a local bank. Colab’s system helps me to present solutions to my clients and manage their mortgages without me breaking a sweat. Thanks to Colab, I don’t have to spend time collating banks’ rates and track payments. I can focus on what I do best – engaging clients!"

Desmond ho  //  Independent Mortgage Adviser

"I am very grateful to Colab for providing me with a solid foundation in mortgages. It has allowed me to creatively structure my customers’ loans – helping them leverage more effectively and save costs over the long term."

JACINTHA GWEE  //  Independent Mortgage Adviser

Who is this for?

Financial advisors who want to differentiate themselves from the competition, provide COMPLETE financial advice to their client, be seen as financial experts, and unlock new opportunities through understanding mortgage planning.

Real estate professionals who want to know and access the most effective way to manage mortgages.

Property investors who want to know the features of different types of loans available and take on the loan most suitable for his or her investment profile. 

Intellectual capital will always trump financial capital.” 
—  Paul Tudor Jones, self-made billionaire entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist

Knowledge is the new money. Those who work really hard throughout their career but don’t take time to constantly learn, will risk remaining stuck on the bottom rung of today's highly competitive world. You can stick to your status quo, but why? Stay ahead of the curve and tap on knowledge and technology that can take your career to the next level with Colab now. 

Fill in the form for a free consultation & demo of our platform to find out if MAP is suitable for you.


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