Why is there such strong demand for BTO flats in Telok Blangah and Tengah?

“Do you want to…BTO?”

The surreal rite of passage for most Singaporeans. To some, just a casual journey to Toa Payoh might seem like an ordinary day with your partner. Suddenly, there you stand with your key in your hand, unsure of the life ahead but certain that you are going to make this home.

So where would you choose to build your life?

This 2021, HDB’s BTO launch encompasses a diverse offering including mature and non-mature estates. Many resources online have provided the details, but we took the liberty of highlighting some upcoming projects that we feel would be of interest to our discerning readers.

HDB BTO Launch May 2021

Telok Blangah Beacon, Bukit Merah

As at 5pm on May 31, 2021, a total of 3,124 applicants made a rush for the 70 four-room Build-To-Order (BTO) flats in Telok Blangah, resulting in one of the highest application rates in years.

Each year’s BTO presents new concepts that rival the last. Convenience and access to amenities is increasingly being less of a differentiating factor, with an abundance of MRT stations, food centres and malls within each neighbourhood. However, richness of heritage is a factor less replicable, and we believe that this BTO project presents a unique opportunity for our readers who value both.

Source: HDB
What we like about Telok Blangah Beacon

Many can appreciate the 38-storey residential block houses, 175 units of 3 & 4 room flats which would offer good views of the south of Singapore, or perhaps the convenience of an integrated commercial development on the lower floors. We believe the value lies in its proximity to Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park, which surrounds Telok Blangah Beacon.

Its surroundings preserve the character of this neighbourhood, which resides a comfortable distance from Vivocity and the CBD area. Furthermore, with the inevitable urban intensification, natural landscapes are becoming increasingly rare and is already considered a luxury. What price would you place on opening your window to stunning views and scenic hikes just a walk away?

As part of the Greater Southern Waterfront, we believe that additional recreational facilities and amenities will refresh this unique location while preserving its natural appeal.  

Garden Bloom @ Tengah

This BTO project boasts a stunning 782 units across 7 residential blocks each 15 storeys tall which comprise of 2-room flexi, 4 and 5 room flats. Now before you start exclaiming “the last time I went that far west of Singapore was for my NS”, keep in mind that in today’s Singapore, you are never that far from retail, entertainment and amenities. Current owners of Sengkang and Punggol flats might have felt the same degree of apprehension but look how it has flourished!

Source: HDB
What we like about Garden Bloom

This year, Tengah ranks as one of the more affordable BTOs (see HDB’s Website) which presents the best value-for-money. The tranquility offered in planned amenities such as The Garden Farmway to encourage hobby farming and extensive greenery within the vicinity provide respite from heavily urbanised nodes. While we do tend to live fast-paced lives, this BTO project appeals to those who wish to take it back a notch.  

With options for 4 and 5-room units and full suite of pre-tertiary educational institutions, we believe that Garden Bloom @ Tengah is a favourable option for multi-generational households. Its character is yours to create in this city within a city.

HDB BTO Launch August 2021

Queenstown BTO

For the first time in 9 years, this BTO project in Queenstown will be offering 610 3-room and 4-room flats. This city-fringe location presents a unique opportunity to be in close proximity to premier educational institutions, office and retail outlets. Shopping centres such as Ikea, Anchorpoint and Queensway Shopping Centre are within walking distance, with many more options easily accessible via public transport.

While many citizens pay top dollar for private residential units in and around Queenstown, this BTO project is an opportunity to capture capital appreciation on your unit.

What we like about Queenstown

Convenience and accessibility are at the forefront of this BTO. Healthcare facilities, such as Queenstown Polyclinic and Alexandra Hospital are within a 10-minute range via public transport, while SGH and NUH lie within a 30-minute radius.

Educational institutions such as Crescent Girls’ School, and ACSI are a few of the offerings, while tertiary institutions such as Singapore Polytechnic and NUS can be taken into account in your long-term planning.

With easy access to the AYE, your workplace in the CBD or within Rochester and One-North are only a few minutes’ drive away. Imagine the amount of time the family can save after you drop the kids off for school, or if you decide to treat them for a meal after a long day.  


Down the road, when you collect those keys, we hope that you had taken that step into your life ahead with a peace of mind, knowing that your home loan had been well-structured to meet your real estate goals.

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