LOGOS Wins Best Industrial Green Development with 1st Green Mark Platinum Warehouse

Dennis Yeoh, Director of Development at LOGOS (right), collecting the Award at the recent gala dinner.

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By Nadia Willan

The first warehouse to ever achieve BCA Green Mark Platinum certification, Singapore’s impressive Logos-Yang Kee Warehouse is leading the new era of logistics facility development. The expansive 65,200 sq m development, topped with a seventh-storey roof space and equipped with easy-access circular ramps, incorporates green-focused building and design elements. These cleverly combine to benefit both business and working environment, creating an urban oasis within an industrial zone.

LOGOS has been creating “large logistics projects from concept to successful, sustainable returns” in various Asia-Pacific territories since 2010. Completed in 2018, the Logos-Yang Kee Warehouse brings sustainability to the fore, with RSP Architects at the helm. Winning the Best Industrial Green Development category at the 8th annual PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) in October 2018 is true testament to how a commercial build can flourish alongside environmental design and performance.

Award judges’ comments at the awards show particular appreciation for the intelligence of the ventilation design within the warehouse development.

“LOGOS South East Asia and Yang Kee Logistics have set the new standard of developing a green warehouse in Singapore. Without air conditioning in the warehouse areas, the Green Mark Platinum development provides a very comfortable working environment through clever, passive environmental design and an effective cross ventilation system.”

Located in the industrial Tuas South area, the project comprises six warehouse floors, each with mezzanine office spaces and loading bays as well as a container yard. With long-term tenant Yang Kee in mind, LOGOS has developed a practical space that is mindful of working conditions. One of the building’s most innovative design elements is the façade featuring metal cladding to enable most parts of the warehouse to be naturally ventilated, cutting down on energy costs and at the same time providing a pleasant interior atmosphere.

Developed within an attractive green setting that offsets proximity to main thoroughfares, the facility houses a landscaped courtyard and softscaped terraces on floors six and seven. This tropical-garden space is the perfect antidote for warehouse workers in need of a relaxing time out.

On the sixth floor, this green recreational area is purposefully located next to the staff canteen which offers an expansive view out toward Tuas Mega Port. Here, a wide variety of cuisines, in individual sections, also feeds into the goal of ensuring the needs of employees are served while responding to the realities of an industrial zone with few dining options.

The facility’s first storey boasts a glazed façade which shields views of the busy roads and leaves space for the possibility of a showroom. Intelligently built with green purpose, the warehouse attests to LOGOS’ modern-day sense of practical expertise in building highly customised yet versatile facilities. Each integral element of the Logos-Yang Kee Warehouse is expertly delivered to boost efficiency, performance, and the employee experience.

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