Divorcees sharing care of children to seek mutual agreement before listing child as essential occupier

Divorced parents who share care and custody of their children should seek the consent of their ex-spouse before they can list the child as an essential occupier in their application for a subsidised HDB flat.

“This ensures fairness to both parties, as HDB is not in a position to determine which parent should exercise the right to list the child,” said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for National Development Sun Xueling in Parliament on Wednesday (11 July).

She revealed that divorcees wanting to buy a subsidised HDB flat can form a family nucleus by listing their children who are under their care and custody as essential occupiers in their application.

Those awarded by the court with shared care and control of children also share the right to list the children in their flat application.

But since an individual may only be listed in one HDB application, parents with shared care and control are required to secure their ex-spouse’s agreement prior to listing the child in a flat application.

“Nonetheless, those who cannot reach an agreement with their ex-spouse may approach HDB to discuss their options,” added Sun.


Senior Content Producer, Christopher Chitty, edited this story. 

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