Welcome to Colab

Colab was born from the word ‘collaboration’, the Cambridge dictionary defines collaboration as ‘a
situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing’. We are able
to create synergy by pooling of resources and expertise.

We envisage in reaching out to would-be collaborators so that we can value add to one another
while working towards the same end in mind.

Leonard Cheah

Leonard has more than a decade of retail banking experience which includes managing a sales force that transacted more than a billion worth of mortgages for an offshore bank. His passion lies in real estate, and one quote that he lives by is, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’.

This quote sparked the inception of Colab.sg, a company that was conceptualised and established in May 2017. Leonard advocates embracing and harnessing the rapid change in technology, and creating new alliances so that collaboratively, we can break new grounds.

Life’s lessons are not taught in books; Leonard enjoys the daily conversations with people from different walks of life. He believes that through this, he is able to learn valuable lessons and insights from them and at the same time, share his experience with them.

Colin Lim

Colin’s career in banking begins with a major foreign bank, assuming the role of a mortgage banker, subsequently a relationship manager with exposure in wealth management and financial planning.

10 years of banking experience, he had helped home owners in transacting more than S$1 billion worth of properties. He believes that housing is an integral part of financial planning, and it should come first before all other components.

His passion in mortgages, often calling mortgage a unique language of itself, was the motivation which triggers him forming part of #TeamColab, empowering advisors with the knowledge and the ability to smoothening the mortgage process with best possible option

Jasper Eng

Jasper is the Master Trainer at COLAB, with over 10 years of track record in the banking and finance industry. Apart from his professional experience in wealth management and mortgages, he is also very passionate about teaching, and presently leads the Mortgage Accreditation Program conducted by COLAB. All his students, both past and present, hold him in high regard.

“Aside from my day-to-day career as a full-time mortgage advisor, I also derive great satisfaction from helping to grow my peers and students by equipping them with the knowledge to serve their clients better.”

Denise Er

Denise started her banking career 9 years ago, and has since gathered valuable experiences in insurance, onshore/offshore retail banking and business banking wealth management, through both good and trying times in the local financial industry.

Through the first-hand experience of assisting clients of various demographics and needs, Denise realised the importance and constant need to upscale her expertise as an advisor through the years in the ever-changing financial industry.

She strongly believes that being the single point of contact for her clients requires a strong and fruitful relationship, both for the advisors and consumers. With that, she aims to provide the accessible keys and assistance to advisors, to add value to themselves and their clients alike.

What others say about us

Abrial Lim

Colab’s training has provided me with an in-depth knowledge of the Singapore property market which is essential when managing my client’s financial portfolio. Their training is well structured and very informative. The support from Colab’s directors are excellent, special thanks to Colin who is ever ready to advise and give his support for any cases I was dealing with. I would highly recommend them to all the financial planners who want to add another dimension to their financial advisory business.

Abrial LimDirector - Manulife Financial Advisers
Wilfred Tay

Colab MAP is a remarkable platform to buff up your knowledge and competency not just in the area of mortgage financing but also the rules and regulations for real estate. It allows my organisation to have a perfect linkage to our business model of financial planning. Hence, the value creation for our clients have been enhanced to a greater heights which also distinguish our guys from the rest in the industry.

Wilfred TayFinancial Services Director
Stanley Ong

It has been an eye opener for me throughout the entire course. I am more confident when engaging clients as i am now able to provide solutions not only to their mortgage, but to the retirement/investment portfolio with the help of their property.

Stanley Ong Assistant Director, Investment Advisory - iFast Financial Pte Ltd
Jacintha Gwee

I am very grateful to Colab for providing me with a solid foundation in mortgages. It has allowed me to creatively structure my customers’ loans – helping them leverage more effectively and save costs over the long term.

Jacintha GweeIndependent Mortgage Adviser
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